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Alberto and I visited Egypt on an Overseas Adventure Travel trip from April 2-16, 2010. Our first day in Cairo was spent at the Cairo Egyptian Museum, the Indiana Jones-like edifice that houses the Tut treasures and more. After a short but bumpy flight to Luxor, we visited the magnificent Temples of Karnac and Luxor, the newly uncovered Avenue of the Sphinxes, Luxor Museum, and the Valley of the Kings. it was then onto the 32-passenger River Hathor and and 3-day journey to Aswan, stopping at Esnu, Edfu, and Kom Ombo. Aswan provided the opportunity to sail the river on a felucca and explore the First Cataract, take a camel ride to the 7th century Coptic Monastery of St. Simeon, and drive through the Sahara to Abu Simbel. After a relaxing stay in Aswan, we flew back to Cairo for the finale-The Great Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx on the West Bank. We were also able to visit the oldest surviving stone monument that man has built-the Step Pyramid of Saqqara. Our last day took us to the spiritual center of Cairo and the Church of St. Sergius, the Ben Ezra Synagogue, and the alabaster Mosque of Mohammed Ali at the Citadel. In spite of the volcano eruption in Iceland, we were able to fly home as scheduled.
Cairo traffic from our busA view of downtown Cairo-from trafficThe Anwar Sadat Memorial, CairoSadat MemorialA jaunty Luxor ferryAkmed the Luxor fellah, or farmerSourdough sunbreadThe tradition way of drawing water for irrigation, Luxor west bankBen inspecting the corn grinding stone in Akmed's houseFiring up the balloons for a dawn flight over the Valley of the KingsSunrise over Luxor from the balloonQueen Hapshetsut's Memorial Temple from the airA peek into the Valley of the KingsWheat sheavesAncient wheat sheavesA timeless way of travelHouston, we are landingSandra and Pat in the glow of balloon ignitionAlberto and his cameraOur balloon canopy

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Jeanne Gardner(non-registered)
Pat - These photos are WONDERFUL (even if you did have the fabulous Leica AND fiddled with Lightroom). I'm so very impressed - and so was Nikki. Seeing these pictures almost made us feel like we were there in person. It was indeed a lovely trip and the weather seemed nice (but I see what you mean about the air quality in Cairo). But seeing these great, historic icons must have been a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Thanks so much for sharing!!

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